Wedding and Special occasions rates:


A minimum call out $200 is applied for single bookings.

$130  per face for a booking of 2 - 3 people.

$120 per face for a booking of 4 - 6 people.

Flower Girl (Under age of 11): Please contact to discuss.

Airbrush foundation is also available for an additional $20 per face.

A touch up service is available, if you would like the artist to stay after the makeup is complete.  This is charged by the hour or part thereof, at $90 per hour, beginning when all makeup’s have been complete.

Wedding Trial:

$120 Per face.
The date for your booking will be held for 1 week after your trial date. After this time, a $200 deposit must be paid to secure your wedding date.

Events and Special Occasions :

A minimum call out $200 is applied for single bookings.

$130  per face for a booking of 2 - 3 people.

$120 per face for a booking of 4 - 6 people.

Airbrush foundation is also available for an additional $20 per face.

Hair Styling

If you would like hair styling, please contact Amanda to discuss, prior to confirming booking.  Sessional hair  styling normally rages between $80 - $130

A few other things.

  • A minimum call out fee of $200 applies for single bookings. 
  • Travel is charged at $0.95 per km after the first 10km from artists home.  
  • An early morning call out fee applies for bookings that take place before 7AM. 
 This is charged at $40 per half hour, from the time the artist leaves their home, until 7am.  
Please contact with start time for a quote.
  • Early start’s, with long distance to travel may result in accommodation the night before event, or an early call out fee. These cost will be covered by client and are to be negotiated with the artist before booking confirmation.

Film and commercial

Please contact me to be sent my rate card for film and commercial work.

COVIDsafe plan

Due to the nature of work within the hair and makeup industry, certain extra precautions need to be taken to insure a safe and clean working environment.

Please be aware that the terms of your booking may need to change due to updated government regulations and requirements, between now and your booking date.    

Below is a link to Alchemy Makeup Artistry’s COVIDsafe plan.


Please read the following Terms and Condition carefully. They are a legal document, and upon paying booking fee or full payment with Alchemy Makeup Artistry or Amanda Lissant-Clayton, you are agreeing to these terms.

You may pay the full rate of the trial in advance of your appointment by Direct deposit or PayPal, or in cash on the day of the trial.  Payment for trials must be paid no later than the day of the trial.  If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible.  Less than 48hrs notice may result in you being charged the full amount of the appointment.
A trial is necessary when booking makeup for a bride. 

Payment and Booking fee
A $200 booking fee must be paid to secure your wedding date and booking.  The booking fee will come off the total price of your booking. The booking fee is not refundable or transferable.  

Please be aware that having a trial, or receiving a quote does not guarantee your booking date.

After the trial, your requested date will be held for 72 hours.  During this time, you are more than welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Past 72 hours from the date of your trial or sent quote, the date of your booking will be opened up to other clients, and will not be secured until a deposit is paid.  In some cases the booking deposit may need to be paid before your trial to ensure your wedding/event date is secured.

Full payment is required no less than 7 (seven) days before the date of your booking.  Cash on the way will only be accepted if discuss in advance. 

Payment must be made either by Direct Deposit, or cash on the day (where discussed).  Cheque payments are not accepted. 

The person scheduling the appointment will be responsible for full payment of all services in the event that other people in the party do not pay their portion.

Change of appointment details 

Once deposit or payment has been made, all details of the booking are regarded as final. This includes makeup arrangements, number of people requiring makeup, time and location.
Change of time and/or location may result in additional charges.  Wherever possible, I will do my best to accommodate these changes, however, in some cases, due to other bookings and arrangements, this may not be possible.

Once your deposit has been paid and your booking has been confirmed, makeup numbers or services agreed, cannot be decreased. Full payment of your initial booking must be made.

Additional makeups or services can be requested on the day but are subject to time constraints and other bookings. These must be paid in full in cash before beginning makeup application, no exceptions.

Please be aware that I will always do whatever possible to make sure that you are ready with all makeups’ complete at the agreed time. However, if you, your wedding party, people/events involved on the day, cause you to run late, your agreed ready time may be affected. I will always do my best to work with and around these situations if they occur, however I am not liable of this or any fees incurred due to these.

If you or your bridal party arrives late, or your artist is unable to start makeup at the agreed time, some makeup applications may be incomplete and your makeup artist may need to leave before all makeups are complete.  If lateness of any people in your booking party causes the artist to be late to another booking, late fee’s may be charged to you.

Early Call Out fee
An early call out fee will be charged for bookings starting before 7am, and will be charged from the time the artist’s leaves their home. 

This will be charged at $50 per half hour until 7am.

Early start times, with a long distance to travel (more than 1 hour of travel), may require accommodation the night before the event. These costs will be covered by the client and are to be negotiated with the artist before the booking confirmation.

Travel and Parking
Travel fees’ are charged at $0.90 per km, past 10km from Melbourne CBD, and for return journey. In the event that parking fees are necessary as a result of the location, these will be charged to the client responsible for the booking.
(When engaging additional artists through AMA, travel fees may vary) 

Clients are asked to give as much notice as possible for cancellations, or to reschedule an appointment.  The booking fee is nonrefundable one week after booking.

Cancellations more than 6 months in advance of booking date will be given a full refund of any payments, excluding the booking deposit. 
Cancellations less than 2 months in advance of bookings will be given a 50% refund. 
Cancellations with less than 1 month notice will be charged 100%.

In some cases I may be able to reschedule the appointment, however this is on a case by case bases, and is subject to availability.

Alchemy Makeup Artistry, and all artists working for, or subcontracted by, does not offer refunds for any completed services. If you are in any way unhappy with your makeup application, this onus is on you to notify the artist while they are on location with you. All attempts will be made to adjust the makeup until you are happy with the look, where possible in the time available.

Alchemy Makeup Artistry, Amanda Lissant-Clayton, or any artist working for her or subcontracted by her, are not, under any circumstances, responsible for any sensitivities or allergic reactions to products used.  The onus is on the person responsible for booking appointment to notify any artist, if they are aware of any allergies or allergic reactions to products or ingredients for anyone included in the booking party.
  If you are aware of any allergies, for yourself or those in your party, you are required to notify the artist at least 30 days before your booking date.

Should you wish bring your own products to be used, your artist will be more than happy to use them, however will not be able to guarantee final result or longevity of unfamiliar products.
This will not affect the price.
Any special or additional products the artist is required to purchase for a specific makeup application will be charged to the client. This will always be discussed first. In this case, the client is welcome to keep these products should they wish too.

By making payment, you are agreeing to be bound to these terms and conditions.

Contact Information:

Mobile: 0413 68 1775

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